Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Times They Are A-Changin'

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I picked up my new library card this evening. I had to go to the library to get it. That might have been a mistake.

Image of Library Card

It's been a while since my last visit to the local library, and I was unprepared for the culture shock. The change was noticeable upon entry. The large desk, previously attended to by several ladies all feverishly working to check books in or out, was missing. In its place was one small desk manned by a young metrosexual sort of fellow. He was pleasant enough, and able to retrieve my card for pickup with little effort. He then proceeded to inform me where the adult section was (Adult section? What makes him think I'm an adult?), where the movie DVDs were, and where television show DVDs were located. You can take those out for a week. And, oh, there's some fiction and non-fiction stuff over back there, too.

Over back there? Do you mean actual books? I looked around. There were approximately a dozen computers and every station was occupied. One person wandered through the area shelved with real books, perhaps just getting exercise. Maybe I'd passed into the Twilight Zone when I entered.

Is this the way all libraries are these days?

When I get some free time (you can hear me laughing, can't you) I'm going to go back and read a book. Right out in public where they can all see me. That could cause quite a stir!

"Mommy! What's that man doing over there?"
"Shh, honey. Don't look at him! It just encourages that sort of behavior."

I hope they don't take my card away. It's barely broken in.

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  1. Even though I love libraries, I haven't been to my local branch in years. Never had a card there either--they practically require a background check to get one!

    1. If mine ever asks for a DNA sample, I'm calling it quits.

      I remember as a child getting books from the "Bookmobile." We didn't have a branch that was close so they put shelves in what would now be called an RV and brought them out to our community. It was more crowded than the branch I visited yesterday. And no DVDs... Well, mostly because they wouldn't be invented for another 30 years.

    2. I've not been to a library in years either. I'm one of those people who likes for a book to be mine once I have it.

    3. Thanks for commenting, Eleonora! It's nice to know somebody actually reads my blog!


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