Friday, October 16, 2015

New Book: Beneath the Distant Star by Lisa Shambrook

Here's the second new book coming out from folks I know. This one is by Lisa Shambrook called Beneath the Distant Star. Though I don't have a copy yet, I've read Lisa's previous novel, Beneath the Old Oak, so I know she's capable of writing a great book. I'm looking forward to reading this one.

Again, enough of my blather. Here's the book!

Beneath the Distant Star
    by Lisa Shambrook

Cover image: Beneath the Distant Star by Lisa Shambrook

The Story:

“Discover what you already have.” LIFE IS TO LIVE, TO HOLD AND CHERISH...SO EMBRACE THE STARS Jasmine feels like the ghost of the sister she can no longer remember. Her existence reminds her mother she has something her sister never will—life—and their fragile relationship shatters. Jasmine craves love and acceptance but refuses to be her sister, Freya, and fights to become her own person. Life becomes a battleground as she disregards the rules and resolves to live her life to the fullest. Jasmine’s reckless abandon threatens to destroy the very thing she needs most.

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About the author:
     Lisa began weaving intricate stories inside her imagination from a young age, but these days her words find themselves bursting forth in the forms of flash fiction, short stories and novels.
     She was born and raised in vibrant Brighton, England, and living by the ocean heavily influenced her lyrical and emotional writing. She works with the senses, description and colour, and her readers will easily visualise the narrative. A wife and mother, Lisa draws inspiration from family life, faith, memory and imagination. Since having her first of three children, Lisa has lived in Carmarthen, West Wales, another town rich in legend and lore.
     Lisa loves family time, walking the family's excitable German Shepherd, beaches, photography, art and last, but not least, writing. She says, "There's nothing better than losing yourself inside your imagination!"
     Lisa's debut novel 'Beneath the Rainbow' and its sequel 'Beneath the Old Oak' are both available in paperback and ebook at Amazon.
     You can follow her blog at or checkout her website at

If you are wondering who does Lisa's covers (and interior design), it's a company in Michigan (USA) called Blue Harvest Creative. They do some pretty nice work!

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