Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello, Fringeworks? Horrified Press? Anybody?

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If you've read MY PREVIOUS BLOG POST you know I've been waiting for some time for Fringeworks to publish the Dead Men's Tales anthology. It (should) include my story, Skarett's Treasure. Their last blog post hinted that it might be out by late September.


Edited by Mellissa Black, DEAD MEN’S TALES is another of those infuriatingly slow books in happening. Originally scheduled for publication in July 2014, it has been slowly progressing towards publication ever since.

The anthology will focus on the pirate stories told from the perspective of the dead.
In case you were wondering, it is now October. Still haven't seen the book...

Just a gentle little reminder.

Update: Just to let everyone know, Dead Men's Tales, with my story Skarett's Treasure, was published in February 2017. You can find it HERE.

Now on to Horrified Press...

I submitted a story back in February (2015 - I have to be clear on this, all things considered...), I believe, to an anthology listed on the Horrified Press site. Never received any reply from the editor. So I posted a note at the bottom of their submissions page. Got a reply saying they'd contact the editor and let me know.

Any word on the status of Ad Nauseam: A Return to Splatterpunk? I tried e-mailing T.M. McLean, but haven’t received a reply. I’ve submitted a story, but I don’t know if it has been accepted/rejected or even received.

    • It’s been over a month and I still haven’t heard anything. I really would like to know what’s happening with this. If this anthology isn’t going forward I would like to submit my story elsewhere, but I’d like to give this one a chance before I do that.

I'm still waiting... BTW, love the little smiley face. Makes me want to post another comment to see if you would give me another one. By another one I mean a smiley face, at least for the moment. The anthology (as of this posting) is listed as "DEADLINE EXTENDED: Until Full."

Is it just me? I'm sort of getting an inferiority complex here.

If it is me, just let me know. I'm cool with that.

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  1. It's frustrating. I submitted to one at the beginning of the year. Didn't hear back so 2 months after deadline, told it hadn't been read yet, as just one person reading them, said they would come back to me the following week. They didn't. So a few weeks later I tried one last time, I received no response and still haven't. Assume it wasn't what they wanted.

    1. Anyone who writes has probably been through this sort of thing, at least to a degree. Still, I keep checking for that book to show up on Amazon or an e-mail from the editor. What fools these mortals be - especially writers!


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