Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Update: Starship Farragut - The Crossing

An update to the update: from Update #33 via e-mail 04/08/2015


"Last week, we had some additional shipments go out to folks and working to do another shipment this weekend, which we're targeting to include the INTL backers."

A while back, Farragut Films, the folks who create the Starship Farragut stories and movies, had a Kickstarter event to raise money for their latest project, a film called The Crossing. All told, they raised $20,173 for their project. I made a donation, and one of the perks for making a donation was to be listed as a contributor on their website.

While some of the other perks have been slow in arriving (although most have been delivered), they do have me listed on their donations page. I'm on the right-hand side, about the middle. Here is a tiny part of the contributor's list (there are quite a few of them!):

Image cut from The Crossing donations page

Farragut Films relies on donations to create their movies. Due to licensing and copyright rules governing Star Trek, they cannot generate revenue from the finished product. The up side to that is they allow you to download the films for free!

I hope to see some of the Farragut crew in person at the 2014 Shore Leave convention this August.

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