Monday, December 29, 2014

Yet Another Update On My Fringeworks Submissions

Note: My last post on this was back in July.

If you can remember, I have a couple of stories with the Fringeworks folks that I was hoping would finally be out by the end of this year. One was Skarrett's Treasure in the Dead Men's Tales anthology and the other was The Fisherman and His Wife in Grimm and Grimmer IV. It doesn't look like that will happen, but there has been progress. I received an e-mail not long ago with an update on future books from Fringeworks. The information is also posted on their blog. An excerpt of their post follows:


With some amazing covers on their way from Ben Baldwin, Jim Burns, Darrel Bevan and Martin Reimann we have six books currently in process. While it has been our fervent hope that we will get some or all of these released by the end of the year, there are no guarantees. The necessary delay caused by various negotiations and internal restructuring has now been overcome, and we are focused on fulfilling our existing commitments before moving forward on other projects. Our priority this year is on: Grimm & Grimmer#3 (edited by Colin Fisher), Grimm & Grimmer: Red (edited by Christine Morgan), Andromeda’s Children (edited by Theresa Derwin), Dead Men’s Tales(edited by Melissa Black), NeaDNAthal (edited by Chris Amies) and The Lavender Men by Adem Rolfe.

I believe the image for the cover of Dead Men's Tales will be based on this:

Potential image for Dead Men's Tales anthology - Source:
Potential cover image for
Dead Men's Tales
Darrel Bevan

You can see more of Darrel's work here. They are still working on getting an artist for the Grimm and Grimmer IV book, but it would be great if they could maintain the style Martin Reimann used for the first three volumes.

Anyway, that's what I've got at the moment. Someday, I hope to hold these stories in my hand as finished, published works. Then I can read them and see if I can remember what they're about! (Yeah, it's been a while.)

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