Thursday, December 25, 2014

Spam For Christmas

This morning I checked the G-Mail e-mail account associated with this blog and found a present! Lots of spam.

Image of all the spam e-mails in my account
All of the spam e-mails in my G-Mail account

I allow anonymous comments on this blog because I want the readers to feel free to comment even if the comment is critical of what I've written. And sometimes folks just don't feel comfortable putting their name out here. But the spammers have really hit me as of late. These all had embedded links to dubious web sites. They won't be published. Most are probably from "bots" so my warnings about such comments won't be heeded.

I have a duty not to publish links to sites potentially infested with viruses or malware, and they will continue to be deleted. I will, however, continue to allow anonymous comments as long as they are valid. I even allow embedded links if they are appropriate.

So far, I don't get so many comments that I can't read each one and reply to the valid ones and delete the one that aren't. But I do want to let any human spammers know that if there are questionable links or content, it won't get published here.

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