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Horror Bites #12 - Lemonade

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From the Office Mango website:
Ok having been prompted a few times by certain folk (you know who you are people) about when then next challenge is, I finally caved, even though I’m in the midst of falling behind in NaNo.

So here is the next HorrorBites, hope you lot are happy I had to put my son in a box at B&Q. [the staff were a bit bemused and we didn't explain]

1:  Tales can be posted on your blogs & then just add to the wee linky tool, or add as a comment if you don’t have a blog.
2:  A word count of 200-350.
3:  Try to scare me, or at the very least create a little bit of darkness.
4:  This will be a fortnightly (two weeks) challenge from when the post goes live, so you’ve got plenty thinking time.

So come on what are you waiting for, go find your inner demons and get your scare on!

First of all, this is not a continuation of the Horror Bites #11 challenge. That may come later.


Prompt image from Office Mango site: http://www.officemango.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/kid-in-box.jpg

    "Look, I have a nursery to run. I can't spend all day answering questions."
    "I understand, Ma'am, but there have been a number of missing persons in the area and we found blood in your parking area."
    "Anyone could have stopped there. It's not closed off at night."
    "Perhaps. But we have to go where the evidence leads us."
    Lucretia looked over the officer's shoulder to see an arm dangling from one of the outdoor storage benches. Her assistant, Nathan, was supposed to take care of that. Good help, apparently, was hard to find. She grabbed the policeman, pulling him away.
    "You see these hydrangeas? They must be watered every day! I don't have time for this!"
    "Alright, Ma'am. But we may be back."
    "Fine. Whatever."
    Lucretia waited until the police got in their cars and drove away, then snagged Nathan as he walked by.
    "Imbecile! The police are all over the place and you leave body parts out in plain sight!"
    "Sorry. I didn't have time to grind it—"
    "I don't care! Get rid of it and make sure the grinder is cleaned and well hidden—"
    She was interrupted by her phone, which she answered unceremoniously.
    "Yes? What do you want?" She paused, then continued in an apologetic tone. "Yes. I'm terribly sorry. You need another batch of liquid fertilizer? I doubt I have enough in stock."
    Lucretia started to check the inventory report on her clipboard when she noticed Nathan standing uselessly beside her. She covered the phone and said, "Well? Go and do as you were told!" She shook her head as she watched Nathan amble over to the bench to address his earlier indiscretion. "And they say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."
    In a moment of enlightenment, she muttered, "Exactly!" As her eyes continued to follow Nathan, the grin on Lucretia's face widened. Returning her attention to the phone, she said, "I don't think there will be a problem. It appears another shipment has just arrived."

334 words without the title... 

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  1. Brilliant, I love the tie in to the store aswell :)

    1. Thanks! And it's great to know how much you sacrifice to give us a good prompt picture!

  2. I love the title; so innocent! I fear Nathan's indiscretions will now grow into a business. x

    1. Thanks! Employers always like it when their employees put something of themselves into their job!

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely a unique picture. I have to say, however, I had a hard time coming up with a story to match it!

  4. Superb, love that ending - a killer one! LOL

  5. Ha! Nice... And to think, Nathan has no idea. :-D


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