Tuesday, September 30, 2014

In Creeps The Night

NOTE: This page was updated 04/18/2018 to provide a new image for the book and link to Amazon. The original links were broken. Also, this book is now published by BHC Press. It is now available in eBook, softcover, hard cover, and audiobook formats. 

In Creeps the Night, the Halloween-themed charity anthology from BHC Press with my story Little Monsters, is now available! You can find it here on Amazon (Kindle ebook) just in time for Halloween!

Cover image for In Creeps the Night via Amazon

List of authors (with links to their web sites where available) and their story title:
AD Trosper           The Loop
Ailsa Abraham        Unexpected Visit
Andrew Patch         The Scarecrow
Angie Trafford       Subliminal
AR Meyering          The Dandelion Child
Ashley Fontainne     Whispered Pain

Beth Avery           Guardians

Catherine Connolly   Dealbreaker
Chris Fitzner        Murder House
Chris Glover         Eyes
Cory Eadson          Mr Morbid

DeVante Smith        Transitions
DJ Tyrer             Treat?
DM Kilgore           Nightfall’s Wraith

Edward Brock         A Cup of Yes or No
EG Smith             A Rustle of Leaves
Elle White           Delivery
Eric Brown           Under the Surface
Eric Martell         Penance
Essel Pratt          Fugacious Penubra

J Whitworth Hazzard  Ghoul’s Night Out
Joni Lynn            Ink

Kate Jennings        Final Investigations
Kayleigh Edwards     Now You See Them
Kevin G Bufton       The Face of Evil
Kevin Hammond        Write me In
KR Smith             Little Monsters

LaDonna Cole         Silenced
Laura Jamez          Vampire
Leslie Fulton        Dead Man Laughing
Lional Ray           Green Shadow
Lisa Shambrook       The Raven’s Bid

MA Walker            The Shadow Man
Marissa Ames         The Dark Spot
Mark W Coulter       The Mother-Thing
Mary MacFarlane      Live Witness
Michael Wombat       The Angel of Death
Morgan Griffith      Hellaway Bridge

Nick Johns           Gazes Also

Rebecca Fyfe         Immune
Rebecka Vigus        Finding Ghosts
Renan Nunes          Finders, Keepers
Ruth Long            Delivered
Ryan T Nuhfer        Closet Door

Shaun Avery          Child Chant
Sorcha O’Dowd        Friendly Fire
Spencer Stoner       On The Way Home
SR Karfelt           Golden Years

Theresa Miller       Deadliest Nursery Rhyme

William Dyer         A Dance of Amber

Note: If you are one of the authors and I don't have a link to your website, let me know and I'll be glad to add it.

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  1. Hooray! This is very exciting. Congratulations!
    I like the cover art. Well, I mean it's very well done... very creepy.

    1. Thank you! It's been a busy year for me. I have three other stories that MAY be out by the end of the year, and I'm working on three others - not sure if I can do it all before the deadlines.

      And if you have a Kindle (or the Kindle reader software on your PC), I'd be glad to send you a copy - for free! That can all be done electronically. I can also (eventually) get you a paperback copy, but I'm still in the process of getting that set up... Someday, I may get a chance to read the book myself!

      P. S. While I am in the author credits on Amazon, Goodreads has my name attributed to a different K. R. Smith - I'm trying to get that fixed. It's one of the problems of being a Smith.

    2. Hi, I'm the K.R. Smith that Goodreads mistakenly put 'In Creeps the Night' on my author's page, but I've contacted them asking to remove it so hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

    3. Thanks! With both of us notifying them, they will get it fixed eventually. This also happened with the "Haiku of the Dead" anthology, but they corrected that rather quickly. Considering how it turned out, I probably should have let you have the credit on that one!


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