Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beth Rhodes - Unwanted Vows

Beth Rhodes, one of the writer / bloggers I follow, has a new book out through Boroughs Publishing! The title is Unwanted Vows and it's available for Kindle at Amazon. It's also available in Epub and PDF format directly from Boroughs.

Cover image of Beth Rhodes new book, Unwanted Vows - Image source:

Just in case you couldn't tell from the cover, Beth writes romance. From the Amazon site, here's a bit more of what it's about:

To safely raise her daughter, Samantha Hollister must join wounded U.S. Army veteran Morgan Lawrence in rediscovering an old love that never truly disappeared.

Samantha Hollister is done relying on other people to take care of—or abuse—her. Her ex-husband is out of the picture now…like her family home, the haven she intended to seek. Her father just sold it to her high-school sweetheart, the man who abandoned her many years ago for the army. The man who still makes her heart flutter. But Samantha has vowed to never be led astray again. She has a daughter.

Despite being injured in action, Morgan Lawrence lives life to the fullest. Each day is a gift, and after five years he is finally one step away from opening a resort for wounded veterans like himself. Unfortunately, a woman stands in his way. And while she has changed, Samantha remains everything he’s ever wanted. Now it’s a matter of helping her see which promises are meant to be broken, and that being strong doesn’t mean one has to fight alone.

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