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Job Listings

Here are a couple of places looking for stories and poems. They even pay a little bit...

Burial Day Books / Gothic Blue Book 4

From their website:

Burial Day Books Call for Submission: Gothic Blue Book VOL 4

Gothic Blue Books were short fictions popular in the 18th and 19th century. They were descendants of the chap book trade and are now a thing of the past. Burial Day Books will resurrect this art form with its own Gothic Blue Book Vol. 4 to be available this October 31st 2014.

What was a Gothic Blue Book?

Gothic Blue Books were abridgements of full-length Gothic novels. The subjects of these books fell into one of two categories; the first being set in a monastery or convent and the second being set in a castle.
In terms of the physicality of the book, they were three and a half to four inches in width and six to seven inches in height, with a page count of thirty-six to seventy-two pages.
These little pieces of terror were popular at the time because they were affordable, a sixpence or a shilling each. Their cost affordability led them to be nicknamed Shilling Shockers or Sixpenny Shockers.

What are we looking for?

Original Gothic Blue Books typically took place in either a monastery, convent or castle. In years past we have asked for short stories that take place in one of these locations, or a modern day location such as a morgue, haunted house or cemetery. This year, we have added a new entry – legend, folklore or myth of the Americas.

When we think of legend, folklore or myth of the Americas the range is staggering, from the Jersey Devil in the East Coast, to the Wendigo, American werewolf, La Llorona, vanishing hitchhiker, the woman in white, abandoned mining towns and so much more.

Please submit a short story or poem no longer than 3,500 words that follows one of the following:
A single mention or setting in one of the original Gothic Blue Book settings:
 a) Monastery
 b) Convent
 c) Castle
A single mention or setting in one of the modern Gothic Blue Book settings:
 a) Cemetery
 b) Funeral home or morgue
 c) Haunted house
2014 Addition:
a) A story or poem dealing with a legend, folklore or myth of the Americas.

In addition to the above, the story or poem must instill fear using a supernatural element – ghosts, ghouls, monsters, myth, folklore or legend. Extreme violence, sexuality, gore, and profanity will not be considered. For inspiration look to Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Jorge Luis Borges, Shirley Jackson, Emily Brontë, or Neil Gaiman.

The collection will be published October 31st 2014 in eBook and traditional book format.

If accepted you are giving Burial Day Books:
A. The exclusive first right to publish your story.
B. The right to republish the story in or in connection with Burial Day, including electronic or hard copy form, including in promotional material or compilations – provided that authorial credit is given in every instance of reproduction.
After your story appears on Burial Day and in the Gothic Blue Book you are free to republish your piece elsewhere as long as you communicate to potential buyers that they are buying your story as a non-exclusive piece

Payment details:
 $25.00 (USD)
 Two (2) Contributor copies of the anthology

Solar Wyrm  / Latchkey Tales

From their website:

June 2014: “Fire and Ice” – Submissions close April 30
August 2014: “Children of Water” – Submissions close May 31

If you have a story or poem that fits the theme, or you’d like to write one, please go ahead! You can email them to me at, with the subject heading “Latchkey Tales submission – [your name]“. Please submit as doc or docx files, 12 point font, a clean font like Times, Arial, Calibri. I’ll accept stories between 1000 and 6000 words. At the moment I am not sure how much I’ll be paying, but my working amounts are roughly $10 per story and $5 per poem. That will vary depending on how many subscriptions we get.

If you’re an artist and you’re interested in working on our cover, please get in touch with me at solarwyrm@gmail. Working amount for payment for cover images is currently $50, but that is also variable depending on subscription.

If you have something they might find interesting, drop them a line. Or maybe a thousand...

Disclaimer: I was published in Gothic Blue Book III, so I've dealt with Burial Day Books, and the seem to be good folks to deal with. I'll probably submit a story to them again this year. I haven't done business with Solar Wyrm, so I can provide no information on them. In both cases, please visit their websites for complete information!

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