Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Submissions Update

This is another update on my submissions...

Image "Feathered Quill And Ink Pot" courtesy of Simon Howden at www.freedigitalphotos.net

I noticed that Fringeworks has posted Newsletter #5 Winter/Spring 2014 on their site, and it has updates for both of the following stories:

The Fisherman and His Wife: (Short story - humor/fairy tale) Accepted a long time ago for inclusion in Fringeworks Grimm and Grimmer series (in volume 4), it is now scheduled to be published sometime before 09/30/2014 (which for some reason they consider quarter 2). That's about a year later than the original schedule, but at least I have a date.
Skarett's Treasure: (Short story - humor/horror/pirates) Also accepted a long time ago by Fringeworks (for the KnightWatch Press imprint called Dead Men's Tales). They now list it as a Fringeworks project to be published before 12/31/2014. That's a long time away, especially since the new editor, Mellissa Black, sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago saying there were only four more stories (including mine) to edit. While it could be out earlier, if it does take that long, it will be over a year past the original planned publication date. But again, at least I have a date and some news. If or when it does show up, it's hard to say if it will be a Fringeworks or KnightWatch imprint.
While I do think the folks at Fringeworks are honest and working hard (a number of problems were beyond their control), I do think they took on more than a two person team could handle. They have added staff, so maybe they will be more responsive in the future. It does make people think twice about submitting to them. From their blog, they make note that:
  •  19 books are currently available to buy
  •  41 books in development are (sadly) behind schedule
  •  18 more books are in development (but not behind schedule)
  •  17 further books are planned (But not yet scheduled)
  •  1 book was withdrawn pending revision (New Tales of the Old Ones)
  •  2 books were cancelled (Descent of Fan & Letters from the Lodge)
That's a lot of work for a small crew. And there has been little visible promotion of the books that are available. I'll let you know how things (eventually) work out!

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The Ballad of Drunken Jack.
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Image "Feathered Quill And Ink Pot" courtesy of Simon Howden at www.freedigitalphotos.net

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