Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Mixer - Overkill

This week's writing challenge from
Monday Mixer
( The Latinum Vault )
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Back at the Monday Mixer again... #24, I believe.

Here are the choices for the location, thing & adjective (my choices in red):
Things:     1) kludge      2) gamut     3) postern
Verbs:      1) ululate     2) bruit     3) spraddle
Adjectives: 1) copacetic   2) tremulous 3) obstreperous

Just a little silly science fiction! And, yes, I know I said I wasn't going to kill anyone in my third straight posting, but, hey, things just seem to happen that way. What can I say? 


Modified image "Darkness Of Apocalyptic" courtesy of "prozac1"/

     The entire apparatus was a kludge of mismatched parts, running the gamut from electrostatic ion generators to plasma channeling coils to something Nortrok couldn't even identify, but Chief Engineer Xilanx assured him this was the only instrument capable of destroying the enemy's immense starship. Once the device had initialized, those manning it began to ululate as the weapon hummed, and despite concerns bruited about of how the intense magnetic fields might kill them before they could attack, none left their post. 
     As the ship appeared overhead, Xilanx nodded that all was copacetic, and shouted out the order to fire. Once the blast subsided, nothing remained of the vessel but a quintillion quantum particles trying to reassemble themselves within the nebulous haze obscuring a silvery crescent moon.
     After staring at the sky for a moment, Nortrok turned to Xilanx, and in a tremulous voice asked, "Wasn't there a full moon tonight?"

Modified image "Darkness Of Apocalyptic" courtesy of "prozac1"/

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  1. Oh no! What happened to the moon?

    I'm impressed how you're able to construct an interesting and coherent story from a set list of words. I am in awe.

    1. I'm thinking Xilanx is going to have some explaining to do the the Lunar Preservation And Redevelopment Association about the strength of his weapon!

      For me, making up the story from the prompts is fairly easy, but getting it to fit within the 150 word limit and still make sense is tough!

      I did make a few changes from my original posting that I thought made it flow better, but that's the way editing goes...

      You know, Tess, you're a good writer - you should put a few of your works out here!

  2. Some 'splainin' to do? I hear Ricky Ricardo's voice, which is funny in a scifi setting.

    The devil is in the editing, isn't it? Some stories are ruined through poor editing. Yours seems to have benefited because it's very good.

    Thank you for the kind words. I don't know what kind of writer I am, where I fit. I'll give it some thought though. I appreciate your encouragement.

  3. Loved this, but then I always enjoy your writing! Like Tess said, a very coherent story...and I love the moon twist, he's definitely in trouble now!
    When I saw these words, I shook my head, didn't think I'd get anything out of these, but I did!


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