Monday, May 1, 2023

Grand Finale: National Poetry Month

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National Poetry Month has come and gone, but my poems, for better or worse, are here to stay—on Simily. Well, until I get enough to shove into a book and publish. Then I'll pull out those worth the effort (probably only about a quarter of them are worth a second editing) and add them to the others that are waiting to be placed into print. They're all first-draft quality for now, but that's what you get when you do one per day for a month. 

Image of a old-fashioned quill pen and ink bottle.

I'll get back to finish this someday...

If you wish to read the poems I've done, an updated list follows. You do need a membership to Simily to read them, but a basic membership is free. All of these links will redirect you to the Simily sign-up/sign-in page unless you're already logged into Simily.

Goodbye On A Rainy Day April 29, 2023

Rainy Daze April 28, 2023

Night Of The Full Moon April 27, 2023

Level Playing Field April 26, 2023

Forgotten Places April 25, 2023

A Yarn About A Cat April 24, 2023

Spinning Wheels April 23, 2023

Bad Delivery April 22, 2023

Butterfly Dinners April 20, 2023

Summer Fashionista April 19, 2023

Words In A Bottle April 18, 2023

Morning Fog April 17, 2023

Sweet Mystery Of Likes April 16, 2023

A Mid-April Night's Dream     April 15, 2023

There Is No Poem Today    April 14, 2023

It Is Almost Summer    April 12, 2023

What A Tree Is Not     April 10, 2023

Cat-O’-Nine Tales     April 9, 2023

There’s No Business Like Snow Business     April 8, 2023

Swamped     April 7, 2023

City Rain     April 6, 2023

Cherry Blossom Time     April 5, 2023

Morning Haiku     April 4, 2023

Wistful Thinking     April 4, 2023

The Moon Gate     April 2, 2023

2023 National Poetry Month Kickoff!     April 1, 2023

That's all for my 2023 National Poetry Month efforts! I know some of you are saying it's too much. You do, however, have eleven months to recover from my pun-infested titles and a few of my sillier efforts until I do this all over again next year!

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