Sunday, September 30, 2018

ZNB Anthologies Funded - Call For Submissions

For the last few weeks you've seen this at the top of my blog posts:
Please consider donating to the Zombies Need Brains Sci-fi/fantasy anthologies Kickstarter! There will be three books! Lots of perks and, if funded, there will be an open submission! If you're a writer, that's a good thing! You can reach the Kickstarter by clicking HERE.
Well, I can stop posting that now!

The three anthologies ( Portals, Temporally Deactivated, and Alternate Peace ) have been funded (and exceeded their target) with $25,854 pledged towards $25,000 goal as of 11:30 pm EST on September 30, 2018!

Now comes the fun part. There is an open submission call to fill out the anthologies in addition to the tales from the pre-selected authors. You can find the submission guidelines here:  Submission Guidelines: Portals, Temporally Deactivated, and Alternate Peace. So get writing and pass the word!

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