Saturday, July 7, 2018

Shore Leave 40 - Friday

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I had to get to Shore Leave early on Friday as I had to get photo op tickets for a friend. Sign in is always easy at Delta Hotels Hunt Valley, and once that was done I went right over to the registration table to pick up my badge and related materials.

The next stop was the art show. My first time here, so I wasn't sure what to do. The staff helped me out with instructions on the paperwork and hanging the pictures. If you want to know more about what I brought you can read (and watch the video) that is posted on my Patreon site.

Once my companions arrived, we took a quick look around to check the set-up. Not all the vendors were there and no actors or actresses were in sight, so we decided to have lunch and plan our afternoon activities.

My first stop after eating was the autograph tables. A few celebrities had arrived, so we talked with Peter Williams, Peter Kelamis, Chase Masterson, and Aron Eisenberg. Chase Masterson has founded an anti-bullying foundation called the Pop Culture Hero Coalition. I brought out the anti-bullying book Tales from the Bully Box (with my story One Above Zero) and asked if she would sign it. I now have a copy with a very nice message from her on the inside cover. I had brought it to give away, but I'll be keeping it now.

I also attended a panel on anthologies called Anthologies: Share the Love. I'll have more on that later. Since all of my works have been in anthologies, I thought that was appropriate.

During the evening, I attended the Meet the Pros party in the main hall. Lots of sci-fi authors gather to display and sell their books. Talked to Joshua Palmatier again - hoping to someday have a story in one of his anthologies.

Meet the pros - Shore Leave 40 - Friday night
Meet the Pros - authors selling their books
And as a final pleasant surprise, some kind soul bought one of my pictures: Hyacinths. It's the one I thought wouldn't sell!

You can see (watch the video!) more about my art and books I brought to give away HERE.

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