Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Bought A Couple Of Dragons

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I spent a little time at the local gem and jewelry show over the weekend. My better half makes (and buys) jewelry, so it's an activity we do at least twice each year. Sometimes, even I purchase an interesting item or stone should it catch my eye.

Many of the vendors are Chinese or Indian, so it comes as no surprise there are carvings of cultural items. There are a lot of Buddhas, elephants and all sorts of other animals, and, of course, dragons. I happened to see a number of these inexpensive carved dragons in a display box and couldn't resist.

Image of carving of entwined dragons

So, what do dragons have to do with writing? Well, not a great deal. I did write one dragon story (The Sword of Hexworthy Manor) for the Swords of Darkness anthology, but it's really not a topic I dwell on. I really liked these little guys, though. Not sure what the stone is—probably a type of jade. Not all jade is the deep green expensive stuff. It doesn't matter so long as I like it. Now I need to find a nice place to hang it. The carving is only about 3 inches (75 mm) in width and reasonably light in weight, so it won't require any special mounting. Once displayed, I'll have this for inspiration should I need to write another dragon story!

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  1. I like it! Both that your wife makes jewelry (I'm very fond of sparkly things) and the dragon itself. It's very twist-y and twine-y so that your eye lingers, seeing different paths and patterns. Good find, I say.

    1. She does have an eye for jewelry. Bought herself a green tourmaline ring that day that cost, well, considerably more than my little dragons... And she just finished restringing some pearls for my mother.

      Me, I just like the pretty colored stones.

      Her father is the one who got her into jewelry making. Besides necklaces, he made rosary bracelets for the children at the local churches.

      Out of curiosity, do you have a favorite gemstone?

  2. He made rosaries? Very cool!
    Oh gosh... one favourite? Usually the one I happen to be looking at. I used to think Peridot, my birthstone, was insipid, but it has grown on me over the years. I like stones that tell a story, with veins or variations in colour that add interest... flawed, I guess they'd be called. The very pale ones are pretty, but I have a labradorite ring and earrings that are so dark that when you hold them up to the light they seem so deep they go on forever. Somewhat like this comment. But I can't leave until I mention that I also like pearls!

    1. Ah, labradorite... truly a favorite of mine. It can have a wonderful, deep sheen. Often blue, sometimes green or orange. One can get lost in those colors.

      And somehow I imagined you'd like pearls!

      I suppose I'll have to dig out some stones and post a few pictures!


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