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The Last Horror Bites

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From the Office Mango website:
So you may have noticed that I’ve been absent for a while, if you’re counting its been about a year since the last Horror Bites post. Not going to go into details about the why or wherefores at this time but this will be the last Horror Bites from

I will let those of you who have stuck by me (assuming I have any left lol) I will be starting a new sight and will fill you in on all the madness that has been going on in my mind.

Anyway I didn’t want to simply kill this site without a last final fling and with the lovely Leslie providing a great picture I thought why the hell not. No word limit this time, just make it scary and try not to go for the obvious slash and hack. Post your tale in the comments and have fun

Can’t wait to read them.

Note: I will post this story here and on the Office Mango site.

The Best Policy

    "Ah, Miss Fischer. Please come in."
    "Thank you, Mr. Nethergate. And thank you for allowing me this interview. Until recently I had no idea your institute, or the museum, existed. A chance to write an exclusive story on this contribution to our city's history is certainly welcome."
    "Our small organization, more like a social club to be honest, has existed for centuries," Mr. Nethergate said while offering a seat to his guest, "but the museum is new. We're hoping to use it as both an educational tool and to assist in raising funds. We were surprised anyone in the media had heard of it, which is one reason we extended an invitation to you. Would you like some tea?" Mr. Nethergate gestured towards a small ceramic pot on a tray.
    "Oh. No, thank you. I'm fine. I could tell you weren't expecting my call. It was only through a conversation overheard by chance that I knew how to contact you."
    "I see. Where did that take place, may I ask?"
    "It was at a meeting of the city's historical society. A few of people were discussing the fate of some of the older buildings in this area.  I happened to be near enough to catch your name and a location. They stopped talking when they saw me. As a reporter, I was intrigued."
    "I understand."
    "And I'm the only reporter you've granted an interview? I must say I'm flattered. Why only me?"
    Mr. Nethergate sat down behind his desk. "We are a rather reclusive group, Miss Fischer. We don't interact with the outside world a great deal. Our associates and staff are generally referred to our group by—well, let's say, from those who support our teachings."
    "That would explain why I hadn't heard of your group before, though not why I was invited."
    "On occasion, I do read the local papers. I remembered a few of your stories. I believe you make the effort to portray events truthfully. That is not always the case with newspaper reporters."
    "I try. When I do have to provide an opinion, it's important that it be an honest and unbiased evaluation of events. I think the readers deserve that."
    "Yes! Exactly!" Mr. Nethergate stood up, smiling. "An honest opinion. That is what we are hoping you'll provide, Miss Fischer. An honest opinion."
    Miss Fischer smiled. "I'll certainly try."
    "Would you like to see our facilities now?"
    "Of course."
    Mr. Nethergate opened the door to the office and indicated they should go to the left. A long hall stretched before them, with arched supports disappearing into a dimly lighted ceiling.
    "As you can see, our building is quite old, but it does set a wonderful mood for our museum."
    "Yes, the museum. You never stated its purpose. What sort of items do you display?"
    "If you are familiar with the local history, you know this city has a rather dark past."
    "I do have some knowledge of it, though that was centuries ago. Does it cover that period?"
    "Indeed it does," Mr. Nethergate said as they walked deeper into the maze of corridors. "It is a collection of implements used for torture during that period."
    "Torture? Isn't that a bit gruesome?"
    "Perhaps to some. But we feel it is important to document those times."
    "I suppose I can understand that. Something like the displays in the Tower of London?"
    Mr. Nethergate nodded. "Yes, I believe that would be a suitable analogy. But our museum is more than glass cases full of old things." He stopped in front of a heavy wooden door with a small window at eye level. There were no signs indicating what was inside. "Here we are."
    "So you're adding your own twist to the idea?"
    Mr. Nethergate smiled. "An interesting choice of words, Miss Fischer. We want our museum to be more than a pretty store room. We prefer a more hands-on approach for our exhibits."
    "Yes. As you can imagine, many of these devices were designed to crush bones, tear the skin, or rip the flesh. But we have encountered a great many whose purpose has been lost to time. We are attempting to rediscover how they were employed. Please," he added, opening the door.
    As she stepped in, her entry was encouraged by an indelicate shove. He pulled the door closed before she could regain her balance.
    "What are you doing? Let me out of here!"
    Hands reached out from darkness, grabbing her arms and shoulders. Her unblinking eyes remained fixed on Mr. Nethergate's face peering through a small opening in the door.
    "I'm afraid I can't do that, Miss Fischer. As I've stated, we are a reclusive organization. We wish to remain that way. Still, we would appreciate your opinion on the use of these devices. I'm sure you understand our curiosity about their effectiveness."
    As the hands pulled her backwards, Mr. Nethergate continued to smile.
    "An honest opinion, Miss Fischer. That's all we ask. Just an honest opinion!"

 833 words without the title... 

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