Thursday, September 8, 2016

Temptation, Get Thee Behind Me!

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One of my biggest problems as a writer is that I am easily distracted. It could be anything: colorful baubles, the latest motorcycle, videos on Emergency Kittens, or worst of all, a new request for submission. I'm always looking for the next place to send a story when I have over 20 in the works I need to finish. I see the posting and say, "Oh, I have an idea for that!" Within seconds of those words being spoken my current work-in-progress gets shoved to the back burner.

Like this one:

Bring us the weird, the wicked, and the strange 

in the town of Red Leaf Hollow!

It’s fall in the small New England town known as Red Leaf Hollow. It’s not on any map but it’s been around as long as the sun and the moon. The first snow is coming, but for now, the town is getting ready for All Hallow’s Eve and preparing for the harvest festival – a huge celebration before winter’s grip. Red Leaf Hollow is known for its strange happenings, its odd occupants, and the things that slither and haunt and howl in the night.

The sleepy town of Red Leaf Hollow is divided into two sides by the large and bustling (and sometimes blood red) Crescent Moon Creek.
Crescent Moon Creek, named after the river that separates it from the other half, is the only place where one may view the moon clearly through the thick trees and forest. It holds the town Commons where the harvest festival occurs, large Victorian houses, and tiny witch shacks that line the cobblestone streets.

Shadow Crest is on the other side of the river, where trees and plants always die, along with its residents. It is also home to the Hollow’s cemetery, Morningside, where inhabitants know better than to linger, especially after dusk. Shadow Crest is also home to Harvest Hill, a dead lump of land that once held the lumber to build the Founders’ homes…and coffins.

Red Leaf Hollow is home to the annual Werewolves convention, where people who have died return from the grave, and where many of the Salem witches fled to escape persecution. This is where witches drive black cats in the sidecar of their motorcycles and zombies are usually holding another 5K Moanfest. You’re the odd one out if you DON’T have a ghost in your house. Pumpkins line the streets and the houses and even some of the inhabitants’ heads.

Bring us your creepy, ghostly, and ghoul-y from the past or present. Bring us the things only you can see. Show us things that hide just below the surface of reality or under the stairs. Bring us colorful leaves swirling at your feet and brisk autumn days and nights under bright glowing stars and dark looming trees. We want creepy graveyards, legends, secret gardens, severed heads, monsters, dancing skeletons, burial grounds, secrets, witches, magic, curses, hauntings, macabre romances, and unexplainable events.

Submission link: Red Leaf Hollow

This is the picture they say inspred the Red Leaf Hollow anthology.
This is the picture they say inspired the
Red Leaf Hollow anthology.

Yes, I have a story in mind. Will I actually finish it? Or even start it? Who knows...

But you get the idea. I'm supposed to be continuing with my Shore Leave 38 blog posts. Instead, I'm writing about how easily I get distracted. See how that works?

Say, what's that shiny thing over there...

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