Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One Hundred Thousand Thanks

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Sometime in the last couple of days, the number of views of my blog went over the 100,000 mark.

Graph of views for this blog - now over 100,00!
Over 100,000!

I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my postings whether they arrived here on purpose or by chance. I plan to be a little more active on the blog once work slows down and my current writing project is finished.

I am puzzled a bit, however. Folks in Ukraine really seems to like my blog. I have no idea why.

Breakdown of views by country for this blog
Breakdown of views by country

But that's okay! Everyone is welcome!

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  1. Woohoo! Congratulations on this very big milestone.
    Of COURSE people in Ukraine enjoy your blog; funny/quirky/tender/scary is really big market in Eastern Europe.
    I'm sad to see that my pageviews are not registering. Rest assured, however, that you are a hit in the northern reaches.

    1. Canada does show up sometimes. There must be few folks up there that check in from time to time! Of course, you probably account for the greatest portion of those visitors!


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