Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All The Things I Need To Catch Up On

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First, there's Terri Deno's update to the book she's working on. I need to get out to WriteOn and see what she's done. Here's a link to her blog post:
Truths of a Shy Writer: The Next Chapter is Live: For weeks I've been trying to get more chapters up of In Another Life . Yesterday I finally succeeded in getting one new chapter out the...

Thumbnail image of book: In Another Life by Terri Deno
In Another Life
by Terri Deno

Next, there's Beth Rhode's book, Outside the Lines. She's up for nominations at The Romance Review. I need to get on there and vote for her.

Thumbnail image of book: Outside the Lines by Beth Rhodes
Outside the Lines
by Beth Rhodes

There's also my own story, Where the Money Is, that needs editing so I can submit it again.

Finally, there's all the statistics to compile from Goodreads. I've started, but that's about all. Just too much going on right now!

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