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Monday Mixer - Recipe For Disaster

This week's writing challenge from
Monday Mixer
( The Latinum Vault )
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 Update: I got an honorable mention for this one! 

All spaced out on this week's Monday Mixer...

Here are the choices for the location, thing & adjective (my choices in red):
Things:       1) flux       2) luminary   3) compendium

Verbs:        1) predicate  2) actuate    3) chirrup

Adjectives:   1) slapdash   2) gustatory  3) ethereal

Recipe For Disaster

Image "Fried Squids" courtesy of rakratchada torsap at

     With the political and military boundaries of the outer worlds being in a state of flux, and communication among them intermittent at best, the Ogamites predicated the slapdash ceremony for the exalted luminary from Aurealius upon a compendium of formalities and rituals known of its sister planet in a neighboring star system. There was a chirrup from the crowd as the guest made her way down the stairs into the main greeting hall, looking ethereal as she glided over the steps with all four feet, and smiles were on at least one of the Ogamite's mouths as they welcomed her. There were great hopes for an end to hostilities. Everything was going well as she joined the dignitaries in an offering of gustatory delicacies, but when presented with a platter of boiled traglung tentacles, indignantly informed them this was very insult that had started the war nearly five generations ago.

Image "Fried Squids" by rakratchada torsap /

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