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It's Almost That Time Again

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Yes, it's nearly time for the annual Shore Leave Convention.

The much-delayed Shore Leave 42 convention will be held on July 15 - 17, 2022 at the Delta Hotels Baltimore, located at 245 Shawan Rd., Hunt Valley, MD 21031. For the last two of years, Shore Leave has been a virtual convention due to COVID. This year, it will be live. If you plan to attend, however, and especially if you are coming in from out-of-town, be sure to read their COVID policy before departing. It is subject to change.

UPDATE July 13, 2022

Well, more bad news! Rober Duncan McNeill had to cancel his appearance at Shore Leave due to COVID. They've been able to get John Billingsley who has played in Star Trek, Star Gate, The Orville, The X-Files, and more on short notice. There are no updates yet on the photo ops page or schedule yet, but that's where it stands as of this posting. I've copied the latest guest images from the Shore Leave website.

UPDATE July 7, 2022

I hate to bring more bad news, but that's what I've got. On the Shore Leave web site they've posted: We regret to announce The Chromatics have been forced to cancel their appearance at Shore Leave.

Normally, it would be enough to know a guest or guests won't be there, but the wording left me concerned. When I went to their web site, I found this: Shore Leave SF Con - APPEARANCE CANCELED due to illness and injury! That doesn't sound good. I have no other details at this time.

UPDATE July 5, 2022

More info on the Shore Leave guest list: We regret to announce that BarBara Luna has been forced to cancel her appearance at Shore Leave.

It appears her son (Brian Anthony Luna) passed away - no cause given.

UPDATE July, 2 2022:

Got this info from the Shore Leave folks: We regret to announce that due to professional commitments, Laz Alonzo has canceled his appearance at Shore Leave.


As you can see, there are a good number of actor guests coming. I only know a few of them as I don't follow all (hardly any?) of the shows, but there should be someone you'll find interesting. They haven't given any specifics on how the photos will be taken for those wanting a picture with a star. Awesome Con had a mix with masks for some and plexiglass screens for others. You'll need to watch the site or contact them if you have questions that might affect your desire to attend. Here are the photo prices:

Single Actor Photo-Ops Prices

Brandon Routh $65
Aimee Garcia $55 
Adam Baldwin $65
Summer Glau $65
Laz Alonso $55 (no longer available)
Gates McFadden $55 
Jessie Usher $55 
Robert Duncan McNeill $45 
BarBara Luna $45 (no longer available)
Eddie McClintock $45 

Combo Photo-Ops Prices

Arrow Duo (Routh/Glau) $110
Firefly Duo (Baldwin/Glau) $105 
Trek Combo with Gates McFadden and Robert Duncan McNeill $80 (added July 6)
The Boys Duo (Alonso/Usher) $95 (no longer available)
Star Trek Trio (McFadden/McNeill/Luna) $105 (no longer available)

As always, there will be a lot of writers selling their wares! Here is the latest list of authors attending Shore Leave:
  1. Chris Abbott  
  2. Danielle Ackley-McPhail  
  3. Rigel Ailur  
  4. Lorraine Anderson  
  5. Derek Tyler Attico  
  6. Diane Lee Baron  
  7. Christopher L. Bennett  
  8. Ken Carpenter  
  9. Alan Chafin  
  10. John Coffren  
  11. Russ Colchamiro  
  12. Greg Cox  
  13. Kathleen David  
  14. Peter David  
  15. Keith DeCandido  
  16. Kevin Dilmore  
  17. Mary Fan  
  18. Kelli Fitzpatrick  
  19. Michael Jan Friedman  
  20. Phil Giunta  
  21. Rande Goodwin  
  22. Robert Greenberger 
  23. Glenn Hauman  
  24. Andrew Hiller  
  25. Heather Hutsell  
  26. Amy Imhoff  
  27. David Mack  
  28. Christopher D. Ochs  
  29. Susan Olesen  
  30. Joshua Palmatier  
  31. Scott Pearson  
  32. TJ Perkins  
  33. Roberta Rogow  
  34. Aaron Rosenberg  
  35. Jenifer Rosenberg  
  36. Hildy Silverman  
  37. Ian Randal Strock  
  38. Dayton Ward  
  39. Laura Ware  
  40. Howard Weinstein  
  41. Richard White  
  42. Sherri Woosley
  43. C. Alex Young
All author guests, including any science authors, will be at the Meet-the-Pros Party on Friday night from 10pm to midnight. I've put links to some of their "official" websites in the list, but I've never seen so many unsecure sites in my life (http instead of https), so some browsers may balk at bringing them up. Some sites haven't been updated in years. I guest website maintenance isn't a priority for authors.

There will be an art show this year, but I won't be selling. I didn't have time to add anything new and I'd like to have more than just a few pieces to hang for the trouble of setting it all up. "Next year, for sure," he said.

I will, however, be giving away books again! More on that in a later post.

I do wonder how COVID will affect things. This convention, and Awesome Con (now taking place in DC), seem to be doing okay (the Shore Leave hotel block was booked up long ago), I did notice in the Parsec newsletter that the Confluence convention in Pittsburg may not be doing as well...

(borrowed from a Facebook post by Randy Hoffman)
Confluence (July 29-31, 2022, at the Sheraton Pittsburgh Airport Hotel, is happening in less than two months and the music track is shaping up to be exceptionally good this year. However, both preregistrations and hotel reservations in our room block are lower than they have ever been this close to the event dates. PLEASE IMAGINE NASTY TRIPLE UNDERLINING HERE: Unless a lot more folks come to the con than we're currently on track to bring in, the convention organization will lose a lot of money and this year's Confluence will be the last.

Time will tell. Confluence is mainly for writers. They don't bring in the TV/movie celebrities, and that may be part of it. If I get an idea about this from the vendors or my own experience, I'll pass it on.

That's all for now. So, until next time...

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