Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Mid-Week Flash Challenge on Medium - Customer Service

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NOTE: This week, I've posted an entry for Miranda Kate's Weekly Flash Fiction Challenge on Medium (with free access so you don't have to be a member to view it). It is titled Customer Service. So few people are looking at my blog these days I have a better chance of someone reading it on Medium or Patreon. I chose Medium this time. So, after the intro below, you'll find a link to the story on Medium.


The story that follows is for a flash fiction writing challenge posted each week by author Miranda Kate. This is week number 235! You can click on this link to see the prompt image and rules.

This is from Miranda's post:

"This week's picture prompt is by artist Dan Luvisi over on Deviant Art. He made this for his science fiction book, Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter - this is the character Hex. I initially only found a picture of the head of this saved, and it is all over the internet as wallpaper with all the colours enhanced, but when I found the entire original, I much preferred it as it offers so much more. Plus, crediting is SO necessary, so that the artist gets recognised and in this case, a fellow writer gets referenced. Sadly it looks like the book is out of print otherwise I would have bought a copy." 

The challenge asks for a story less than 750 words. My story has 479 words (not including the title), just in case you were counting. This week's tale has a bit of light humor...

Link to Customer Service on Medium (free access)

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