Thursday, December 2, 2021

And The Results Are In

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I recently used a poll to ask the Twitterverse what I type of writing I should do. Since it was a Twitter poll, I was limited as to the number of items I could include. The categories were: Poetry/Haiku, Fiction, Non-fiction, and Just please stop. Here's how it all came out...

Although eleven isn't a tremendous number of votes, it was more than I expected. And I'm grateful to all those who participated! 

In addition, I received a comment from author Beth Rhodes (no longer on Twitter) who suggested I do stories with a bit of humor in them. She's known me longer than almost anyone on social media, and since I respect her work, I also respect her opinion. The idea of including a touch of comedy seems to hold true for the articles I write on Medium as the ones with some humor in them seem to get noticed the most (and have even earned a few pennies!). 

Author Miranda Kate mentioned she would like to see more horror stories from me. I've written a few flash fiction tales for her weekly challenge. Many of those were of the horror genre, so Miranda has a good idea what I can do there. So, that will have to be considered.

And while I don't know for certain, I'd guess Terri Deno may have been one of the votes for Haiku/Poetry. She has read several of my poetic attempts and hasn't blocked me on Twitter. Yet.

But now that I have this info, what do I do with it?

Apparently, the answer is more complicated than I'd hoped. I'm a simple guy; I like simple answers. Unfortunately, life isn't always (usually?) like that.

I have the impression I'll have to divide any new work up depending upon where it's published. On Medium, haiku and humorous articles have drawn the most interest. Non-haiku poetry hasn't done the best, or is inconsistent. It doesn't seem to matter if it rhymes, is free-form, or whatever. On Blogger or published anthologies, I've had my best luck with horror and rhyming poetry. In a way, this all sort of fits in with the poll and the additional comments. 

Kindle Vella is also in my sights, but I'm heading into that a bit blind as to genre. And, someday, I will publish a book on my own (either traditional or self-published, I don't care which). I'm hoping life slows down so I can do enough writing to get a longer story out. Or get that collection of flash fiction organized. The short items on Medium don't take long (and articles seldom have subplots) which is why a lot of my writing has ended up there lately. 

In all, the poll was useful. I suppose any feedback helps point the way. I have a backlog of tales (and poetry) to finish. I think I have to decide where they need to go. And, again, I want to thank everyone who participated in my poll. And for being kind enough not to choose the last selection on the list...

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