Monday, April 1, 2019

April Is Twice As Nice!

It's officially April, so we have two events starting this month!

Image of quill and pen

First is National Poetry Month.

If you'd like, visit the website and you can get a free poster!

I know a few folks who will be doing a bit of poetry for the occasion. I'm sure Terri Deno will have something out there, or you can a copy of her new book of poetry And check my Patreon site for a free visual haiku (part of my monthly series).  You don't have to be a member of Patreon for this one. It should be available soon. My little poem will be to celebrate Squirrel Week, an annual feature of the Washington Post, and possible the best part of that newspaper. Well, okay, I like the crossword puzzle, too.

There's also Camp Nanowrimo.

I won't be participating, but check out a few writers on the web - it shouldn't be hard to find one who is. Or maybe you should just try it yourself. It's a great way to force yourself into starting that novel you always said you'd write!

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