Thursday, December 20, 2018

Updates And News For December 2018

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You may have noticed, or even visited, my Patreon site as I have placed some of my recent flash fiction postings there. I'm in the (glacial) process of doing more there and moving away from Blogger. That's a hint that you may want to check there more often that here in the future. I'll probably set up another true web site on different platform at some point, but that's only in the planning stage right now.

Image of quill and pen

Postings of my work have been slow in coming this year. I've complained enough about that already, so I won't go into the reasons again. I have noticed an uptick in viewings on Patreon. Although I don't have any patrons so far (I haven't posted enough stuff to make it worthwhile), this is a good sign.

Image of Patreon use
Patreon viewership has increased lately

As you can see, I've even had some interaction with new readers! Woo-hoo!

In other news, I believe I've had a short story accepted for inclusion in an anthology, but I'm waiting to get that confirmed. It's a Southern Gothic horror story call Momma Knows Best. More later - I hope!

Some of the authors I follow have been making progress, too!

Terri Deno has a poem, Our Conversation in the Garden, published in America's Emerging Poets 2018: Midwest Region from Z Publishing House. It's available on Amazon and should eventually be available directly from Z Publishing House.

Cover of America's Emerging Poets 2018 from Z Publishing House

It's right there on page 163!

Miranda Kate has announced a sequel is coming to The Game, the novella in her book, Slipping Through. The title is to be Pool of Players. No firm date yet (other than spring of 2019), but if you subscribe to her newsletter, you'll probably be the first to know!

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thanks for the mention Kev! And Congrats on the inclusion!

    1. Thanks! I've signed a contract, so I'll probably put a post out here soon for my story. And I'll put out a new post on Pool of Players once that's available. I'm not sure how many folks read my blog, but I guess it can't hurt!


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