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Shore Leave 39 - Sunday

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Sunday July 9, 2016

Woohoo! All the free books I put out evaporated. And I have a request for another copy of Human 76. I hope everyone enjoys them! 

The free books I put out at Shore Leave 39
The free books I put out at Shore Leave 39 - gone in a flash!

There was more happening Sunday this year than in previous years. I'm not sure why. I was there until 5:00 pm. Usually it is getting pretty empty by 3:00 pm.

Sunday Panels
Star Trek: Discovery
Can this program continue the Star Trek phenomenon, or will fans be turned off by having to pay to watch episodes of the new series?
Randy Hall (M), Wayne Hall, Ann Harding

Representation Is Key
A conversation about the importance of fair and accurate representation for marginalized communities (including POC, LGBTQ+, diverse religion, people with disabilities, etc.) in fiction.
Jenifer Rosenberg (M), Rigel Ailur, Mary Fan, Melissa Scott, Derek Attico

Friendship Is Magic
In SF/F, heroes have friends and companions; villains have only minions. Our authors examine how cultural narratives about heroism, sex, gender, class, and community influence how we depict being alone and being connected.
David Mack (M), Mary Fan, Michael Critzer, Amy Imhoff, TJ Perkins

Why We Love SciFi
Aliens, time travel, and space opera. Action, adventure, and comedy. Noir. Thrillers. Technothrillers. Parallel universes. Alternate realities. Political and social commentary. Come talk about what we love in scifi, and what we want to see next.
Russ Colchamiro (M), Mary Fan, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Mike Friedman, Amy Imhoff

Marvel/DC Women Warriors: Ultimate Face-off Finale!
Its time for the final votes to be cast, comrades! Time to decide the Ultimate Woman Warrior!
Andrew Kelley (M), Beverly Stark, Charles Davidson

Gotham: The Joke’s on Us
The tension in this crime drama ratcheted up a notch during Season 3. Some people have said that the program’s grim setting turns them off, but is being different actually a strength of the series?
David Brewer (M), Wayne Hall, Ann Harding

Where No Tale Has Gone Before
After over 50 years, how can there still be fresh stories to tell in Star Trek’s shared universe? Our panel of Trekspert storytellers discuss what they think makes for solid new Star Trek tales.
David Mack (M), Dayton Ward, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Christopher L. Bennett, Scott Pearson

Heroes: The Best . . . and the Worst
We’ve all read books where we absolutely loved the main characters—and others where we couldn’t stand them. Our panelists will reveal some of their most and least favorites, and why.
Russ Colchamiro (M), Heather E. Hutsell, Greg Cox, John Coffren, TJ Perkins

The Worf Factor
From his bridge station at tactical to Commander and becoming Chancellor and then Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, Worf has probably enjoyed the most thorough development of any other character in Star Trek.
Lorenzo Heard (M), Andrew Kelley

The Devil’s in the Details
Writers build convincing worlds by including small details that pack a big punch. (“The door irised open.”) How does that work, who does it well, and what details are you hoarding for the perfect story?
Melissa Scott (M), Roberta Rogow, Stephen Kozeniewski, Glenn Hauman

The Flash: May the Speed Force Be With You
The most popular show on the CW network added several characters in Season 3. What do you think of the way the season ended, and what lies ahead in the series during Season 4?
David Brewer (M), Randy Hall, Wayne Hall, Lorenzo Heard

LGBTQ+ in Fandom
From Steven Universe to Sense8, LGBTQ+ representation has yet to go main-stream. Let’s discuss the best and worse portrayals.Ann C.E. Dorsett

Mixing and Matching Genres
Zombie cowboys. Superheros vs. vampires. Hard-boiled wizards. What are the rewards and perils of blurring genre lines? Does chocolate go better with peanut butter?
Greg Cox (M), Keith R.A. DeCandido, Melissa Scott, Roberta Rogow

Chasing Our Tales
Our panel of writers share stories they’ve long tinkered with but haven’t found a way to make work. Can you help them find the missing pieces of their puzzles?
Stephen Kozeniewski (M), Aaron Rosenberg, Andrew Hiller, Kathleen David, Glenn Hauman, TJ Perkins

Ghosts of Fandom Past
The evolution of fandom from the 70’s to present.
Joseph Bloch (M), Michael Garman, Michael Schilling

Marvel Comics Chokes on Diversity
Everyone wants more diversity, right? More Blacks! More Hispanics! More Women! More Gays! Well, Marvel, let’s discuss that.
Andrew Kelley (M), Randy Hall, Wayne Hall

Arrow Keeps Hitting the Target
After several members of “Team Arrow” left the group at the start of Season 5, Oliver Queen recruited several young new heroes for his group.
David Brewer (M), Lorenzo Heard

Legion M—The World’s First Fan-Run Media Company!
They just had a hit film “Colossal” and are working with Stan Lee and a host of others...
Ponch Fenwick

Ye Gods!
From Neil Gaiman’s American Gods to N.K. Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, many acclaimed works feature deities who behave like humans. Why does this appeal to writers and readers?
Robert Greenberger (M), Keith R.A. DeCandido, Aaron Rosenberg, Hildy Silverman, Amy Imhoff, Kathleen David

Next Generation Celebrates 30 Years!
Three decades ago, Captain Jean-Luc Picard became the captain of the Galaxy Class Enterprise D. Let’s look back over the series that boldly went where no one had gone before!
Ann Harding (M), Andrew Kelley

Wonder Woman Lassos the Box Office!
New movie, new vision, new hit?
Randy Hall (M), Wayne Hall

Marvel/DC Warriors: The Colossal Coed Clash of Champions!
There are no more lines drawn between genders in the arena, and it’s no holds barred to finally decide who is the deadliest combatant between all sixteen of Marvel and DC’s most superb fighters.
Andrew Kelley (M), Beverly Stark, Charles Davidson

A Day in the Life of a Writer
Panelists discuss how writing shapes their daily lives, relationships, and health. We examine the triumphs and the struggles of the creative process—how does one find balance? What makes it all worth it?
Kelli Fitzpatrick (M), Derek Attico, Andrew Hiller, Hildy Silverman, TJ Perkins

Legends of Tomorrow: Malcolm Merlyn in the Middle
What did you think about the second season finale, which featured a final confrontation between the Legends and the Legion of Doom?
David Brewer (M), Randy Hall, Wayne Hall

Sunday starts with a bit of packing—getting the suitcases and duffle (or duffel, which the Google Blogger spellcheck likes better) bags into the cars so we don't have to leave in the middle of a panel or talk to check out. At Hunt Valley, they slip an invoice under the door so you know what the bill will be. I still ended up turning the key cards in an hour late and there was no problem. All I had to do was say, "We're checking out," and they do the rest. As long as you don't cause too much trouble (I won't go into detail), they're quite friendly. Even though the ownership has changed, many of the same people have continued to work there.

Again, we hit the breakfast/brunch buffet hard. It isn't cheap, but I still think they lost money on me. It's depressingly good, although you won't actually be depressed until you weigh yourself. Or try to bend over and tie your shoes. BTW, Michael Hogan sat just a couple of tables away, so you get to hobnob with the celebrities even during your meals.

By the time breakfast was over the action in main hall had already started. By that, I mean the actors, actresses, and authors were at their tables signing autographs and conversing with the attendees. And the celebrity talks would soon start. Also, I was trying to figure out what was going on with the art show, as that was scheduled to begin checkout at 10:00 am, but there didn't seem to be anyone around. I hope to get this sorted as I plan to put a couple of things up for bid next year.

While some in my group watched a Star Wars presentation, I ran went looking for the panels. The two I attended were The Devil's in the Details and Mixing and Matching Genres. Again, I'll have a post on the panels later, but they were probably the best two I attended this year.

After the panels, I went back to the main hall to locate my friends (yes, I actually have a few) and see what was scheduled next. They were taking in the Michael Dorn talk. I quietly made my way to where they were holding a seat for me to watch the last few minutes and see him introduce Marina Sirtis for her final appearance. Marina is definitely the most entertaining speaker Shore Leave had this year.

Michael Dorn introducing Marina Sirtis at Shore Leave 39
Michael Dorn introducing Marina Sirtis
at Shore Leave 39

Michael teasing Marina during her introduction
Michael teasing Marina
during her introduction

Next to speak was Kevin Sussman. He had some good moments, but he's not as exciting as the other speakers. He does seem like a nice person.

Kevin Sussman at Shore Leave 39
Kevin Sussman at Shore Leave 39

I finished the convention listening to Michael Hogan and Luciana Carro.

Luciana Carro at Shore Leave 39
Luciana Carro at Shore Leave 39

Michael Hogan at Shore Leave 39
Michael Hogan at Shore Leave 39

Michael and Luciana get their Shore Leave bunnies!
Michael and Luciana get their Shore Leave bunnies!

Final Thoughts

Was it a successful convention? I think so. It's still impossible to get to everything you want to see. Didn't get to do the stargazing (again) this year. I would have like to have had more time to talk to some of the authors and actors/actresses, but it seems like every second is filled. I would have especially liked to have talked with Luciana Carro. I've never seen her act and don't know the shows she was in, but the more I heard her talk, the more interesting she became. She seems to be very committed to her craft.

Still, attendance seemed to be down a little, and we heard as much from some of the Shore Leave folks. The date change to July instead of August may be part of the reason. A lot of families take an extended vacation around the July 4th holiday. Also, Awesome Con had just finished up in DC, so some people may not have had the budget or time to attend both. Awesome Con will be earlier next year, so we'll see...

Speaking of next year, the 2018 convention will be the 40th anniversary of Shore Leave! There are rumors it will be a good one with some really special guests. I'll keep my ear to the ground and let you know!

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