Friday, June 17, 2016

Human 76 - It's Here!

The long-awaited post-apocalyptic anthology Human 76 is finally here!

Cover image for Human 76

This isn't some skimpy little collection of short stories. It's a beefy assortment of post-apocalyptic excitement from 14 points of view, all based around a young woman's search for her younger sister in an often-unfriendly world. The main character, Ghabrie (aka Human 76), is pictured on the cover, modeled by Bekah Shambrook. You can read more about how the idea for this anthology came to be on Lisa Shambrook's blog.

My story, The Song of Aiden, involves another young woman, Maeve, who has come from the barren Northlands to live with her cousin Kendra and her mother. It is in Kendra's village, Pentreffen, where she meets Aiden, a musician travelling with a small band of performers. It is also the place where she meets Ghabrie for the first time, though not in the best of circumstances. Maeve's idyllic life (for a post-apocalyptic world) takes a sudden turn and she embarks on an adventure that will determine her future—and possibly Ghabrie's! Here is a snippet of the interaction during that first meeting:

    As the girls faced each other, the silence overwhelmed them. Opposite to where they stood, the circle began to part. Just beyond the opening, a young woman waited, her dark hair swept back, the markings of a warrior on her face. 
    Kendra whispered to Maeve, her voice quivering, "It's her! Don't look into her eyes, Maeve! If you do, she'll kill you!"

Shortly thereafter...

    Maeve launched herself at Ghabrie, but the deft swing of a muscled arm sent her sprawling in the dirt. Ghabrie grabbed her collar and lifted Maeve onto her knees.
    "Look at me!"
    "Please! Please don't hurt him!"
    "Why won't you look at me?"
    "They said you would kill me if I did."
    "I may kill you if you don't."

I don't want to give away too much of this scene. It could spoil the story for others!

You can get more info on the book on the Human 76 Facebook page.

Here's the story line-up...
  1. Leaving the Nest by Lisa Shambrook
  2. Follow the Leader by M. S. Manz
  3. Where the Wild Things Are by Nick Johns
  4. Glint by Michael Wombat
  5. Behind These Walls by Alex Brightsmith
  6. Hiero Worship by Jeffrey Hollar
  7. Human X by Michelle Fox
  8. The Hunted by Steven Paul Watson ( also on Wordpress )
  9. What You Put In by Julia Rios
  10. Underneath by Denise Callaway
  11. The Song of Aiden by K. R. Smith
  12. Sand by Michael Wombat
  13. The Oasis by Rebecca Fyfe
  14. Sheshwatay by K. J. Collard
  15. The Ballad of Ash and Hum by Alison Deluca
  16. We Make The Future by Lisa Shambrook
    Edited by Miranda Kate

How to get Human 76...

   Lulu (paperback)
   Lulu (ePub)  -  free for a two-week period!
   Amazon - paperback (Kindle coming soon)

And please remember...

All proceeds from this book will go to Water is Life, a global charity that provides clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to schools and villages in desperate need. Our book is about those displaced and struggling to survive in a dangerous world and this charity fits perfectly with our stories. So when you buy the book you will be helping those in need.

© 2016 K. R. Smith All rights reserved. Cover image copyright Lisa Shambrook.


  1. It's here! It's here! Congratulations, K - this is very exciting! Your teaser excerpt is a tantalizing inducement to check out the anthology.

    1. Thanks! Somehow, I will make sure you get a copy!


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