This is a list of events, local and world-wide, pertaining to literature, authors, and writing. One wouldn't want to forget a special occasion.

2017 Name Description
Sep 29 - Oct 1 Monstermania 38 Monster-Mania conference
2018 Name Description
Feb 9-11 Farpoint Sci-fi, fantasy, horror & super heroes convention in Hunt Valley, MD (new location in 2018)
July 6-8 Shore Leave 40 Sci-fi / Star Trek convention in Hunt Valley, MD 
Re- curring Name Description
Jan 2 National Science Fiction Day A day to celebrate science fiction (U.S.)
May 4 Star Wars Day A day to celebrate the Star Wars stories
May 25 Towel Day Tribute to Doug Adams
June 16 Bloomsday Honor James Joyce
Nov 1-30 Nanowrimo National Novel Writing Month
Nov 30 Computer Security Day At least change the password on your PC so you don't lose all the stories you're working on to some hacker!

I'll add more as I find them...

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