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Note: I will be moving my artwork to my Patreon site soon and this page will disappear!

These are samples of my artwork. All work on this page is the property of K. R. Smith. Unless specifically noted otherwise, copying or other use of these artworks is prohibited, so please contact me if you wish to use any of the images. Thanks!


To see the Old Tree Sketch, please go to my Patreon page (the tree sketch can be viewed by everyone).

I created the original many years ago. This isn't the best rendering of it - it's a scan of a copy. The original was given to a young lady named Judy. I don't know if she still has it, and I have no way of contacting her to find out. She was in Florida the last I heard.

If you think the image is useful, you may use it for any non-political purpose (or don't have someone hanging from it - well, maybe if it's a bona fide horror story sort of thing) so long as attribution is given. It's also featured on one of my early blog posts.

Original sketch for Terri Deno's book of haiku, Unfolding Life ©2016 K. R. SMITH
Original sketch for Terri Deno's book of haiku, Unfolding Life

This was a sketch I did for Terri Deno's book of haiku, Unfolding Life.  Terri added some color and used it for the cover. You can click on the link above to see how it turned out. I hadn't done any drawing in quite a while, so the sketch was a little rougher than I'd hoped, but it was fun to do!

More to come soon!

© 2012-2015 K. R. Smith All rights reserved

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