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Tales from the Bully Box

Note: Sales have continued to be strong for 2018! And into 2019!

No, Tales from the Bully Box isn't a new book, but one that's gained significant interest during the last few months. Sales for the paperback version in 2017 (so far) have surpassed the total sales of the three previous years combined. This is especially remarkable for a paperback version in an age when ebooks are gaining popularity.

This is a collection of anti-bullying stories originally published back in 2014. My story in this anthology is titled One Above Zero and is about a girl with a health problem that makes her the target of bullies—until one of the bullies begins to look at her in a different light.

It's a good book for young people aged 8-12, and works well as an educational tool. If you're looking for something like that, please check it out!

BTW, I don't make any money on sales of this book (and that's OK) or have been paid in any way other than exposure. All proceeds go to charity.

NOTE: I had to remove the Novelrank link as they are no longer supported by Amazon, so here are the stats from Amazon's Author Central:

Tales From the Bully Box - Kindle sales
Kindle sales as of Jan 31, 2019
Tales From the Bully Box - Paperback sales
Paperback as of Jan 31, 2019

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