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National Poetry Month - The Kick-Off!

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You may know that April is National Poetry Month in the United States. has a list of ways to celebrate this event. Some of them are pretty good. Others may cost you a few friends. I'll let you decide.

One item that was missing, and one that was brought up by author Terri Deno, was to write a poem a day during National Poetry Month. That sound doable. Especially if it's haiku. Technically, in classic haiku, you could get away with only 510 syllables.

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So I decided to try this. Maybe not haiku, but a short poem everyday. Minimal effort? I'm all for that. Lots of content for the blog. Can't miss. And what could be a better way to start than to write a poem about National Poetry Month! Such as it is...

National Poetry Month

I promised I'd write thirty poems,
A simple poem per diem,
Then post them on the Internet
Where everyone could see 'em

During National Poetry Month,
Certainly time well spent,
And the first would celebrate, of course,
This glorious event.

Right away I was in trouble
With the last word of it's name.
I wanted my first poem to rhyme
And not sound too inane.

So, I asked a friend what rhymed with "month"
To which he replied, "Not much."
I said, "That doesn't rhyme at all!"
(He's not so good with words and such.)

With April now just hours away,
I made my words all recombine
So "month" was sentenced, so to speak,
To the middle of a line.

Thus, I struggled on alone
To reach my worthy goal,
But the need to have the words make sense
Was finally taking toll.

Before I'd finished half of the poem
Frustration cramped my brain.
Fulfillment of this tortuous task
Was causing too much pain.

'twould be ever so much easier
To find the words I seek
If only they would change this thing
To National Poetry Week.

                      K.R. Smith

Okay, I never promised you good poetry...

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  1. Haha! A most valiant - and entertaining - effort. Kudos to you for undertaking this task. A monthly challenge does wonders for holding nose to grindstone, doesn't it?


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