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FSF Challenge - Learning

Lillie McFerrin Writes
This week's writing challenge from
Five Sentence Fiction
Lillie McFerrin Writes ) is based upon the prompt:


Learning can be a painful experience...

The Garden of Knowledge

Image "Blue Butterfly" courtesy of dan at

     With her mother watching nearby, young Kayla stood transfixed by the sight of an iridescent blue butterfly that had landed on her finger. Although she tried her best not to frighten it, the insect eventually began to open and close its wings, taking flight on a sudden breeze to flutter off in the direction of a large blossoming bush. 
     Kayla's mother turned to her friend and said, "She gets to experience so much here in your garden." 
     Kayla, now intrigued by the colorful inhabitants of the plantings, held out her finger to another in hopes of finding a similar playmate, but became distracted by the alarmed screaming of her name.
     As the frightened mother reached for her child, she advised, "You can learn about bumblebees when you're a bit older!"

Image "Blue Butterfly" by dan /

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  1. And I think that reaction will make Kayla terrified of bees from now on as she learns from her mother! great idea, beautifully written. x

    1. I'm thinking she'll surely think twice before sticking her finger out again. In truth, most bumblebees are pretty mild-mannered, but I suppose even they have good and bad days!

      As always, thanks for reading!

  2. Lovely description, felt like I was in the garden with her! Those magical moments when beautiful creatures deign to touch us... PS. I like bumble bees, but have a dislike of wasps, having been stung and reacted to it twice!

    1. Thanks! Though I've been stung many times, I don't get a bad reaction from them - well, except for pain!

  3. I like the language you've used: iridescent, flutter, blossoming. They are evocative words that set the tone, making the final revelation all the more jarring.
    Nicely done.


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