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Monday Mixer - Meaghan's Revenge

This week's writing challenge from
Monday Mixer
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Back at the Monday Mixer again...

Here are the choices for the location, thing & adjective (my choices in red):
Things:     1) fandangle      2) portent     3) swain
Verbs:      1) natter         2) beguile     3) wallop
Adjectives: 1) threadbare     2) refulgent   3) craven

Warning: Not for the squeamish!

Meaghan's Revenge

Image "Knife And Blood" courtesy of Boaz Yiftach at

     Meaghan pulled her threadbare coat up around her neck for protection against the chill wind, a portent of the coming season. Winter would soon bring its cold beauty to beguile those few with warm clothes, a safe home, and enough to eat. She had managed to steal only a few meager potatoes, which she reluctantly presented to her leader. She tried to explain how little food remained in the villages, but he roared in response, "Don't give me all that fandangle! Just get back out there and find something worthwhile or I'll give you a wallop!"
     Meaghan looked to her friends, but found little sympathy in their craven eyes.
     "Well—I also found this knife," she rejoined, swinging it in a wide arc, slicing his throat and slinging a line of red blood on the wall.
     Times were hard and there would be one less mouth to feed that night.

I am humbled by being named the winner of the 23rd Monday Mixer! There were a lot of great entries this week, many using all of the prompts (some of which I had to look up to find out what they meant!). Thanks to everyone who read this post and especially those who commented!

Modified image "Knife And Blood" courtesy of Boaz Yiftach /

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  1. Well, that certainly is revenge. Wow. You rose to that challenge!

    1. Thanks! I don't think Meaghan's someone you'd want to mess with!

  2. Loved the words you chose, fit so well. The ending was great :)

    1. Thanks! Sometimes you just have to be practical...

  3. I wouldn't describe Meaghan as refulgent, and I don't think she has a swain waiting in the wings! Excellent ending, very unexpected. In the sequel, watch for Meaghan to take out those who natter incessantly about how little food there is.

    1. You've have won the grand prize for the most creative comment ever on my blog! That won't get you a lot, of even a blog badge of any sort, but the prize is yours!

      Maybe she'll take out those who are faffing about. (I had to look that up, must be a Canadian thing...)

      Anyway, thanks!

  4. I am honoured, and accept the prize with pride.

  5. Beautifully done and well worth the win! Your words of choice fit perfectly and I loved this! :)

    1. Thanks!

      I'm a bit surprised since there were so many interesting stories this week, and so many had been able to use all (or a whole bunch) of the prompts! I didn't even know what a "swain" was!


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