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FSF Challenge - Wisdom

Lillie McFerrin Writes
This week's writing challenge from
Five Sentence Fiction
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Anyway, here's this week's entry...


Image "Japanese Temple With Waterfall" courtesy of Victor Habbick at

      With his native guide, Steve had climbed the mountain and now faced the prophet in hope of receiving an answer to what was troubling him.
      "I used to believe most people were good, but now everything is so messed up, so distorted, with so many doing wrong and lying about their intentions, that I wonder if I was only fooling myself.  Do you think there are still good people in this world and how can one tell who they are?"
      While the guide translated the words, the prophet's lips formed a slight, though polite, smile as if the wise man thought the request too simplistic, and when he provided only the briefest response before nodding his head and re-entering the temple, Steve thought the long journey had been for naught.
      After shutting the door, the guide turned to him and said, "His answer was, 'Look within; they will be known by the questions they ask.'"

Image "Japanese Temple With Waterfall" courtesy of Victor Habbick /

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  1. There are many persons in the world with unutterable intentions.

    Worse yet, there are many who even they do not know their own intentions, because it is not easy to read our own traits.

    I like your tale, it teaches in a kind of Zen way, to learn about us before trying to learn about the world.

    Thank you for sharing deep thoughts!

    Od Liam

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment!

      It's true many think what they do will be for good even when the result is to make things worse. That does complicate the problem!

  2. Wise words, "Look within." Therein lie most answers, it only takes time to figure them out.

    1. Yes, look within and be honest about what you see. It isn't always easy!

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Now you have 9 votes! :)

    "Look within. They will be known by the questions they ask." As an answer to Steve's question I'm interpreting this to mean look past the exterior of others and into their hearts. But you may be writing of looking within ourselves. Either way, it is wise counsel.


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