Saturday, December 29, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction Challenge - Ending

This week's writing challenge from Five Sentence Fiction ( Lillie McFerrin Writes ) is based upon the prompt "Ending."

I had missed posting for last week's prompt of "Vision," so I added it at the end. Yes, I know my assignment is late. Nobody's grading this, are they?


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Chris drove slowly through the high school parking lot, eventually pulling up in front of the auditorium where he had walked across the stage during graduation only a few days before with names being called like credits at the end of a movie. Somehow, it was different from the place he'd spent the last three years of his life. There was no one else in the parking lot, no chaos of young people scurrying to class in the halls, smiling as they called out to a friend or laughing at a crude joke to the dismay of an elderly teacher. He felt oddly out of place, as if somewhere he shouldn't be, the only actor left on stage long after the play had finished. His friends, his classmates, had all moved on, but he found it difficult to look to the future when he was already beginning to miss the past.

Wilbur's Quest

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Alone on the top of the building, Wilbur sat meditating, contemplating his existence, attempting to come to terms with the events in his life with all its tribulations and disappointments. As the sun rose over the town, he watched it spread a golden warmth across the rooftops, bring a sparkle to the river, wake thousands of sleepy souls into another day, yet he found no answer, no guiding hand to show the way, no epiphany from within. Feeling he'd wasted his time once again, Wilbur stood up just as a bird flew past, not much more than flashes of white and gray to his weary eyes, but startling him enough to lose his precarious place on the ledge. Yet even as the crowd gathered closer to look at the unfortunate man, the words of the police seemed to mock his final efforts.

"Move along, folks, nothing to see here."

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  1. Chris and Wilbur seem to have a lot in common.
    One tragic, the other merely sad and wistful.

    of course, Wilbur's story also fits this week's prompt.


    1. Yes, Wilbur's tale fits the "ending" prompt, too, but it was mostly written, so I thought I'd finish it and post it along with the new one. I guess I could have saved time and posted it for both!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Both excellent tales of people unable to transition with life's changes. The first we still have hope for, the second sadly not. Great mood setting in your writing, I felt great sadness for both Chris and Wibur.

    1. Thanks! There are a few structural issues I'd probably address in each if I'd had more time the last couple of weeks, but I've been a bit busy. If the emotion comes through in the stories, however, that's the important thing for me. Always appreciate the comments (or suggestions / questions) about the stories!


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