Sunday, November 4, 2012

FSF Challenge - Candidate

This week's writing challenge from Five Sentence Fiction ( Lillie McFerrin Writes ) is based upon the prompt "candidate."

For this posting, I'm having a two-for-one sale. If you don't like one, perhaps the other will strike your fancy.

Candidate #1*

Mayan temple image courtesy of Victor Habbick at

"People always told me not to volunteer," Chad offered enthusiastically, "but I never believed I had the slightest chance of being chosen."

"Well, we think you're just absolutely perfect," replied the man in the black suit, "and I can assure you it's quite easy and will only hurt for a little while."

"Only hurt for a little while?" Chad asked anxiously. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Why, you're the sacrifice, of course, so all you have to do," smiled the man sardonically, "is die."

( *I was going to title this "Hanging Chad," but in addition to being a terribly bad joke, would have given the ending away. )

Candidate #2

Old graveyard image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev at

"The successful candidate for this position will be one who likes working with people, is hands-on, enjoys the outdoors, can perform independently, and think outside of the box. Some shift work required."

Edgar shook his head recalling the "help wanted" notice he had answered only a few weeks prior.

"I suppose I shouldn't complain," he said wistfully while leaning on his shovel, knee-deep in frigid mud, "what with so many having no work at all."

Still, Edgar failed to embrace the thought of dragging the somewhat portly Miss Abigail Jenkins, recently deceased, from her unfortunately deep and supposedly final resting place on such a dreadful night.

Mayan temple image courtesy of Victor Habbick /

Old graveyard image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev /

© 2012 K. R. Smith


  1. Both dark, but I actually got a smile out of the second one.

    Well written.


    1. The majority of my postings will be on the dark side since I write mostly horror / speculative fiction, but I have this warped sense of humor that likes to sneek a giggle in now and then.

      The second one was my favorite, too.

      As always, thanks for reading!

  2. Both very good, have a weakness for #1 though: creepy and believable! Well written :)

    1. Thanks!

      I couldn't make up my mind which was best, so I posted both.

  3. Both very good pieces, but for some reason I find myself drawn more to #2. Great stuff :)

    1. That's 2 votes for #2...

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It's great to get some sort of feedback, even on these small flash fiction pieces. It gives me an idea what folks like to read and what in them catches their eye.

  4. It seems that both situations leave much to be desired from the perspective of the character, causing us to wonder how they arrived at this point, and what was to happen next. I liked the both, but was probably most drawn to the sinister twist of the second one.

    1. It's great to get feedback, even on these little flash fiction posts. I think the second may be more popular because it paints a more complete picture of the setting, the situation, and the character.

      Thanks for the comment!


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