Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Giveaway: Bethanne Strasser's Book

If you're quick, you still have time to enter a giveaway for a free book, Bethanne Strasser's For Love or Duty.

Image of cover of Bethanne Strasser's book For Love or Duty

You only have until September 2, 2012, so check out the link and enter! You can't beat the price...

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  1. Thanks so much for all your support!
    You'll note on my blog that I've lost some of my work. :P Boooo! Remember to back up!

    I get furniture on Friday, then I'll be able to sit at my desk again and put my writing career back together. haha. :) Hope you're having a good August. Almost done with it and it's on to the best month of the entire year!!

    1. I've learned a lot from reading your posts and watching you go through the process of publishing your book, so providing a little support for your work is never a problem.

      Sorry to hear about the lost work! I know the bad feeling you get when that happens. Right now, I have lots of backups, but they're in multiple places and not in any particular order, so it's almost as bad. I need to work on that.

      A few weeks back I was looking for the latest copy of a poem I was working on, The Alchemist, and didn't know what I'd done with it. I finally found it in an archive of old backups (where it shouldn't have been) and moved it back to my working directory. I just got lucky...

      I usually use flash drives to make multiple backups, and it's easy to move one to another location for safe keeping.

      But that does give me an idea for a new blog article: Backing Up Your Work!

    2. I saw your tweets out there... had any luck with data recovery? I've pulled files off of crashed drives more than once, the unfortunate side effect of having worked in IT for the last 25 years. Sometimes you can get a lot, sometimes not so much - depends on what happened to the drive. If you have a way of attaching the drive to your working PC (or another PC in case a virus was involved) you may not even need recovery software, again, depending on what went wrong.

      If you can't find somebody local to help (and there should be someone out there who can do this), I'll make the offer to try - but I can understand if you don't want to do this. I am a complete stranger and if there is any personal information on the drive, the sleepless nights wondering if I'm helping myself to your bank account isn't worth it. And there's also the hassle of shipping the drive cross country and back.

      Anyway, good luck - I hope you don't have to type everything back in from memory. I know that kind of fun from personal experience, too!


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