This is my works-in-progress page. There are way too many of these! I have to start banging those keys!


Good golly - there are 25 of these things (fiction) waiting for me to finish them...

A Black Cat
Horror/Short story. The greed of a sister leads to murder and revenge with a twist.

A Case of Demonic Possession
Horror/Short story. Sometimes love is forever - and that's not always a good thing.

A Good Day's Work
Sci-fi/Short story. After a chance escape from his own world, a man has a decision to make.

A Penny Saved
Horror/Short story. Saving a few dollars can cost far too much.

About Face
A coming of age story/Romance. Two high school seniors trying to figure out what's important.

Horror/Short story. Alive is alive and dead is dead. But that area in between can be very interesting.

Horror/Short story. The third time is the charm, or at least I'm hoping. I've found another anthology where this might fit, so I'll give it a little rewrite and submit!

Update 05/20/2016: This is being reworked for submission to Horrified Press.
Dundalk Diary
Romance/Coming-of-age/Length TBD. A young man and woman working together in a tire shop try to figure out if there is a relationship between them, or if they're just friends.

Gypsy Girl
Humor/Length TBD. A man meets up with an old flame and gets more than he can handle with her daughter.

Levels of Awareness
Horror. A Lovecraft-inspired story of a man trying to fight his way out of his own subconscious.

Memory Lane
Horror. Sometimes you can go back again. That doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Purple Flowers
Horror/Flash. When you do something nice, people appreciate it, even if they're dead.

Running in Circles
General Fiction/Flash. A man returns to his roots hoping to find peace only to find what he is looking for in a young boy.

Song of the Silver Line
Horror/Short story. William meets an intriguing woman during his daily subway commute.

Horror/Short story. Finding someone to help around the house can be difficult. Trying to get them to leave can be impossible.

The Family Tree
Magic Realism/ length TBD. The bond between a father and his daughter is strong, even if he never knows about it.

The Fortune Teller
Speculative Fiction. When you know the future, you have to live with that knowledge as best you can.

The Gift
Horror/Short story. A woman gets what she asks for and finds out it's a gift she needs like a hole in the head.

The Poem
Horror/Short story. A group of children figure out that a poem isn't just a nice rhyme, but a set of instructions. And some of them are a bit too eager to follow.

The Rag Bone Man
Horror/Humor/Short Story. When a man does his civic duty, he should get what he deserves.

The Sorceress
Sci-fi/Fantasy/Novella. In a world that has faded from glory, Ellora finds her place - and it's a little scary.

Voices in the Water
Horror/Short story. In some cases, you have to accept that there are others who know more than you - even if you don't know exactly who that is.  

Where the Money Is
Horror/Short story. Being helpful isn't always appreciated, and some people really know how to hold a grudge.
Note: This was submitted to Horrified Press, but due to an editor problem, the project was cancelled. Reworking it for Crimson Streets. Gotta find a home for this thing!

Writer's Block
Horror/Short story. You never know just how far a writer will go to come up with a good story.

YA/Short story. Three teens go on an adventure on Virginia's Chesapeake shore, and grow up a little along the way.


The Alchemist
Narrative/Rhyming. Finding a lost secret looks like a golden opportunity! (Sorry - couldn't help the pun...)

The Cross
Narrative/Rhyming. Trying to help an attractive young woman can be a real killer.

The Thief
Narrative/Free-form. A young woman tries her best to fit into a world that's just a bit beyond her reach.

Narrative/Rhyming. A man describes his descent into madness.

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